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I am an award-winning web architect, designer, developer, maker, data journalist and entrepreneur from India. I help people build great products. I'm currently working as tech consultant at Evidence for Policy Design at the Center for International Development, Harvard University where we build tools that enable the government to make data-driven policy decisions.

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Browse through my projects to see why I made it, what tools and technologies were used and where I got the data from. Here, you can also find snapshots or, working examples and detailing the different aspects of each project.

A project page typically answers questions such as

  • How each project got started
  • Tools and technologies used
  • Snapshots of project/process
  • Sometimes link to working example

Some projects require authentication. If you find yourself interested in checking out the project, please feel free to drop me a line and I will help you get going.

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My services range from user interface & experience which illustrates key points to complex visualizations of systems and processes. My software development approach is agile and user centered. Whether it’s a simple app or a complex web platform my solutions follow structure, simplicity, visibility and reuse.

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I also write blogs, normally about my projects to give a lot more background information about the thoughts, process and choices went into the project. Or a tutorial about something interesting I figured out to code or make. Also on thoughts and perspectives that matter to me and had something to share.

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Feel free to contact me about interesting opportunities, collaborations or anything else. I am sharing most of my code on Github, some of my design work on Behance, random thoughts on Twitter, everyday moments on Instagram, articles on Medium and meeting startups on Angel List . Full resumé is available on LinkedIn.

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