Let's create something great!

I am open to interesting consulting gigs, short or long term contracts, workshops and any exciting projects working with nice human beings. If you think you have something we can work together on, then get in touch.

Please note that I receive a lot of emails, so it may take me a while to get back to you. If I do seem to be taking a while to respond, please feel free to send me a follow-up email to remind to reply, that certainly won't offend me.

Drop me an email at suhag.ravi@gmail.com or call me on +919717860747

UX and UI Design

All my projects are design-led, starting with stickies and sketching, ending with design implemented as code in the app. My designs solve a problem, are easy to use, and look beautiful while doing it.

Web Development

I work with tech teams on products and long-running projects, focusing on scalability, maintainability, performance and more. I specialize in writing scalable and high performance CSS, JavaScript, Node, Python.

Data Visualization

I turn reams of facts, figures and complex data into insightful data driven products, interactives, maps and visualisations. My visualisations work in various forms of media, from web applications to prints and reports.

Data Crawling

You'll be in excellent hands if need data and don't have the time or the expertise to crawl a site. I have experience in getting around sloppy code, spider countermeasures, A/B tests, and other challenges to write complex crawlers.

Robo Journalism

I have experience in using algorithms to automatically generate news from structured data without much human intervention. From sensor journalism to sports stories, I have worked closely with newsrooms for automated story telling.


I run workshops and training sessions for product and tech teams about front-end architecture, user experience, data visualisation and other areas I work in. Performance, workflows, design process, and more, tailored to your company, products and team.

Let's make something great together

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