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I am Ravi Suhag, an agile engineer with a vision to transform software chaos into seamless experiences. My inherent passion to solve problems involving analysis and synthesis shaped me to lead technology and product for organizations of all sizes, untangling the knots in software development, smoothing product delivery, and instilling best practices.

With more than 10 years of experience and proven track record I have crafted both technology and product roadmaps with a distinct programming style and a dedication to transparency and open-source development.

I am currently working as VP Engineering at Pixxel, where we are on a mission to build a health monitor for the planet through a constellation of cutting edge hyperspectral small satellites. Previously, I worked as VP Engineering at Gojek, Indonesia's largest hyper-local company. Where I lead teams to build large-scale, self-service data platforms, allowing its workforce to make data-driven decisions. Before that, I worked as a tech consultant at the Center for International Development, Harvard University, to build tools that enabled the government to make data-driven policy decisions.

A curiosity-driven mindset has majorly contributed both to my personal and professional growth. Fascinated by how we use technology and interact with it, I earned a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, where I studied, designed, and developed embedded systems.

At the same time, a serendipitous need to create a website for my startup triggered me to code and design. With no mentor or curriculum to follow, I was drawn to code and tirelessly lost myself in the world of building programs with unabated coding endeavors. This newly developed passion enthralled me to enroll and win several nation-held hackathons. Ever since then, I have been working at the intersection of technology and design to socially impact the lives of others.

From early childhood I tinkered with electronics by slicing the whole into parts and then binding the parts into a whole. This allowed me to discover critical frameworks through which I could make better sense of reality. I am a life-long learner with an undying urge to execute my endeavors as a:

Developer with experience in developing distributed, fault-tolerant backend and frontend systems using latest technology and contributing to open-source projects.

Designer with a passion to design user-centric, clean and functional products that follows structure, simplicity, visibility and reuse.

Data journalist who specializes in building sensor and robo journalism tools/stories around policy, economics, sports and environment.

Artisan who loves to play with microcontrollers and electronic boards to design custom embedded and robotic systems.

Entrepreneur as founder of Inspiration Edge, a design driven software company and a community of passionate individuals, thinking disruptively to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.

Athlete following a lifestyle that includes playing either cricket, basketball, boxing, volleyball, and/or hiking.

Utopian with keenness to interpret and idealize why humans and universe are the way they are and how they are going to evolve.

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Ravi Suhag

Ravi Suhag