Ravi Suhag

Having more than a decade of experience in building and leading high-impact engineering and product teams, I have implemented a deep understanding of the data ecosystem and the driving forces of modern data platforms, for solving unstructured problems by holistically matching my tooling decisions with business circumstances.


VP Engineering . 2022 - Present
Leading product and engineering efforts to build a geospatial platform to democratize access to data of a constellation of hyperspectral imaging satellites across a multitude of sectors. My role also contributes towards the development of automated image processing and machine learning platform that will enable us to detect, monitor, and predict global phenomena in near real-time..

Raystack Foundation

Founder . Mar 2021 - Present
In 2021, I founded Raystack Foundation, a non-profit organisation where I am leading vision and community efforts to build an open-source, self-service modern data platform. Raystack products provides a consistent and unified platform for data lifecycle, data management, and data governance to magnify developer productivity.


VP Engineering . Jan 2017 - 2022
Leading product and engineering efforts to build large-scale, self-service data platforms encompassing Enterprise Data Platform, Experimentation Platform, Analytics Platform, and Customer Data Platform. These platforms have empowered Gojek workforce to make data-driven decisions. Scaling these platform involve building distributed big data infrastructure, real-time analytics, and visualization workflows for billions of data points per day using many handcrafted as well big data open-source tools including but not limited to Kafka, Flink, Spark, BigQuery, Airflow, Zeppelin, Kubernetes etc.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Engineering Lead . Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
Orchestrated technology efforts to design and develop data interfaces for evidence-based policy decisions to increase accountability in public programs. As a team, developed high-potential pilot projects demonstrating and attesting the value of data through hands-on capacity building, while simultaneously creating innovative and effective ways for policy actors to employ to utilize data and research evidence to improve their decision making.

Hindustan Times

Consultant, Data Journalism . Nov 2015 - Aug 2016
Built a definitive online source for monitoring the real-time air quality of India for Hindustan Times. This project constituted sensor journalism, and extensive web crawling for data collection, as well as monitoring platform for data exploration. The exposition of the project empowered citizens to actively engage with the government, allowing decision-makers to reconnect with citizens' needs, priorities, and values.


Consultant, Data Interfaces . Apr 2015 - Dec 2015
Built data-exploration framework for emission trading system to enable the Ministry of Environment & Forests to cap total pollution emissions in selected areas and increase regulatory transparency and accountability. The pilot scheme provided a model for expansion within India and a framework for implementing global environmental policy. This project was done in collaboration with JPAL South Asia, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.


Founder . Jun 2011 - Dec 2015
Founded Infoclot, a design-driven software company by establishing a progressivist community of passionate individuals, cohesively working to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social impact. Worked with ambitious people and organizations to provide software delivery, pioneering tools, and consulting in commercial, social, educational, and government sectors. The company's belief stood to improve the quality of living with technology and sharing what we learn by running events, conferences and contributing to open-source.

Info Assembly

Lead Architect . Dec 2013 - Mar 2014
Worked on designing the architecture for Big Data web platform for Info Assembly which leverages data analytics and offers innovative FinTech products for businesses. Applied Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms running on massive big web data to create intuitive visual experiences that greatly simplified the manual financial market research process.

Full list of organisations is available on my Linkedin profile.