Dec 26, 2017

Cultivating culture in the fast lane

In the dynamic world of hyper-growth organizations, technology stands tall as a pillar of progress. Yet, as these organizations evolve, the most intricate challenge emerges not from scaling technology but from nurturing the very essence that defines them: their culture.

Culture within such organizations transcends mere corporate jargon; it becomes the lifeblood, driving the creation of products and services that genuinely resonate with people's lives.

Trust: The invisible glue

Peek behind the curtain of any organization that's not just surviving but thriving, and you'll uncover a simple truth: it's all about the people. Ask them, "Why are you here?" and watch as their eyes light up. You'll hear a chorus: it's the camaraderie, sense of belonging, the shared dreams, and the collective zeal that weaves them into a single fabric.

Sure, they clash—like any vibrant tapestry of passionate minds would. Yet, it's this very dance of diverse opinions, underpinned by unwavering trust, that orchestrates an unparalleled symphony of collaboration.

Ownership: Crafting legacies, not just jobs

I've seen places where 'people first' is just a poster on the wall. But when you hand someone the reins, when their input shapes the journey, work transforms. It becomes a part of a legacy they're building, pixel by pixel, idea by idea. Sharing ownership across the team not only empowers each member to bring their A-game but also infuses everyday tasks with a deeper sense of purpose.

Empathy: The bridge between teams

Everyone talks about empathizing with the customer, but we rarely empathize with the next team. They’re often reduced to a binary absolute: The Magical Team, or the Useless team.

Either way, it makes engagement and collaboration difficult, because nobody empathizes with an ideal. To overcome this, I always advocate for fluid team transitions, enabling individuals to explore new technologies or collaborate on shared challenges. This practice of inter-team mobility can be a cornerstone of culture, enriching the collective experience and fostering a more connected, innovative organization.

Humility: The quiet strength

In a world loud with egos, the ability to listen, really listen, is a superpower. Finding individuals who can set aside their egos to consider ideas, especially those they initially disagree with, is becoming increasingly rare and invaluable.

Striving for this ideal, cultivate a culture where every voice is heard and valued, guided by the principle that every decision made is the right one for that moment, encouraging a mindset of open-mindedness and mutual respect across the organization.

Ambition: The never ending climb

In this journey, there's no finish line, just endless horizons. It's about fostering a culture that's always reaching for the next peak, never settling, always curious. Whether it's mastering a new skill, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, or simply finding new ways to bring joy to customers, it's this relentless drive that keeps the wheels turning, the lights burning, and the hearts yearning for what's next.

The quest continues

No company has it all figured out, but the great ones are always on the quest, always asking, always learning. It's in the code they write, the strategies they devise, the smiles they earn. It's about the willingness to stretch a little further, to make the leap, together.